SoClean 2 – CPAP cleaner and Sanitizer Machine

Soclean 2 – Automated CPAP cleaning and sanitizing device

In USA, there are an estimated 18 million people that have sleep apnea so imagine the amount of CPAP equipment that is in use to help deal with this. With machinery that not only touches your face but also connects to your respiratory system, bacteria build-up can cause an array of issues including respiratory infections such as pneumonia if not taken care of properly. SoClean CPAP Cleaner and Sanitizer take care of all of this to ensure CPAP machine is completely clean and sterilized with minimal effort so that you can sleep a little easier at night!

Benefits Of Using The SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner and sanitizer:

There are a wealth of benefits and advantages to using the SoClean, here are just a few:

Automated Cleaning – Program your settings and let the machine do the rest! Whether you are forgetful and need the machine to remember to clean for you or you are a busy professional who wants a clever cleaning system, the different functions, cycles and cleaning durations can help adapt to any lifestyle.

Time-Saving – Who wants to spend their days cleaning equipment? I certainly don’t and sometimes I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to it to ensure it gets a full and effective clean, which then plays on my mind. Not only does this save time by doing it all itself but it gives me the peace of mind that it is done properly! Plus, with the automatic safety shut off, I can go out to work and let it do its thing without having to worry.

Full Sanitization – I know I am getting rid of all the germ and bacteria, also ensuring that I don’t pick up any nasty respiratory diseases along the way. A machine that fully sanitizes every nook and cranny of my CPAP equipment gives me a total security that I am being taken care of, and that alone helps me sleep better at night.

Reduce Likelihood Of Breaking CPAP Machines – When you hand wash effectively, you have to take apart your machine, clean it and put it back together which has high risks of you wearing or breaking weaker parts of the machine, leading to high costs.

With just a few of these benefits, it’s easy to see how they have become so popular in recent times and why people are flocking to buy them! Let’s look at them in a little more depth:

What Is SoClean CPAP Cleaner?

In a nutshell, the SoClean 2 CPAP cleaner is a disinfecting, cleaning and sanitization machine that allows for hands-free, daily cleaning to prevent bacteria build-up.Also, it prevents medical problems arising from the use of CPAP equipment. It does this without the need for you to take your equipment apart and can have pre-programmed settings and functions to automate the entire process.

Soclean CPAP cleaner

How Does SoClean CPAP Cleaner Work?

The quick version is that the SoClean machine uses activated oxygen to clean and sanitize the CPAP equipment you place in the chamber.

To look at this more in depth, however, the SoClean creates activated oxygen and then using the connected CPAP hose, the oxygen travels into the humidifier’s reservoir to sanitize the water and reservoir itself. As the activated oxygen passes back out, it sanitizes the main hoses in the process, then traveling through the CPAP mask and then into the main chamber where your mask is stored.

This allows your mask to be sanitized inside and out for full coverage and then finally the activated oxygen is trapped inside the closed system of the unit. All of this happens in around 3-12 minutes (depending on your cycle) although it is recommended that you leave your CPAP equipment in the chamber for 2 hours post-cycle to allow the process to finish completely (the green indicator will glow when it tells you it is done.)

SoClean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer

Soclean Price

The regular retail price for the SoClean is between $299 and $320 depending on the outlet and delivery option you choose for as well as where you live, whereas the SoClean 2 Go retails at around $180 – $250. It is important to note that buying from SoClean directly gives you free shipping and they currently have special offers on.

SoClean Coupon Code:

Use the code: CLEAN15 to get up to 15% off of your machine which is a saving of around $45!

What Do You Get With The SoClean?

So, what does your money buy you? This is what is included in your box:

  • The SoClean 2 machine
  • 8oz Bottle of pre-wash – This solution is designed to get rid of odors or residue that might interact with the activated oxygen during the cleaning process. You should aim to use when hand-washing your CPAP equipment too.
  • 1 Slot Plug – To seal the extra side hole of whichever hose slot rest you aren’t using to ensure a good seal.
  • 1 Power Adapter – To give your machine power.
  • 1 Cartridge Filter – This needs to be replaced every 6 months or so, and it used to convert the activated oxygen in your machine back into normal 02.
  • 1 Universal Injection Fitting – for connecting your CPAP hoses to the SoClean. You can do this with or without a humidifier.
  • 1 Pre-installed Check Valve Assembly – This stops humidifier reservoir water returning to your SoClean. Water in this tube means it must immediately be replaced. (normally every 6 months)
  • A user manual – The guide on how to use your machine as well as contact information for the manufacturers.

What Is The SoClean 2 Go?

It is still a cleaning and sanitizing solution for your CPAP equipment but it is battery operated and portable as a travel solution! Those who frequently travel no longer have to compromise on quality cleaning while they are away and can sleep soundly knowing their equipment is being taken care of, without having to carry your usual SoClean machine with you (which it isn’t designed for!)

The Differences Between SoClean and SoClean 2 Go

Both are excellent machines and have a year warranty and the same cleaning functions, however, there are some differences including:

  • As the travel option, the SoClean 2 Go only weighs 1.3Lbs compared to the 5.6Lbs for the SoClean.
  • The SoClean 2 Go does not have a programmable timer like the SoClean and there is no left or right CPAP hose entry.
  • Their dimensions are different with the SoClean 2 Go being obviously smaller and more compact for convenience.

Common Questions:

Is SoClean FDA Approved?

The SoClean is FDA registered as it isn’t required to be FDA approved to use. However, in 2003 the FDA has approved using ozone to disinfect medical devices that are re-used which covers CPAP devices and the SoClean’s method of cleaning and sterilization.

Is SoClean Covered By Insurance?

Usually not. The SoClean is considered maintenance and cleaning equipment and is therefore not covered by insurance usually, although many choose to invest in it anyway. You could always contact your insurance provider to double check.

How Often Should You Clean Your CPAP Machine?

Cleaning is an important part of CPAP maintenance, particularly because it is the perfect habitat for bacteria and mold (that is then inhaled overnight or with frequent use.) To combat this, you should consider cleaning the parts in different frequencies:

  • Parts that touch your face should be cleaned daily due to sweat, oil and skin cell build up.
  • The hoses should be cleaned at least weekly

Luckily, the SoClean allows you to keep all parts clean easily and frequently so you don’t experience a large build-up of potentially harmful bacteria.

What’s Activated Oxygen? (And How Is It Used In The SoClean?)

Also known as O3 or ozone, is a colorless gas and natural disinfectant. Naturally found in the upper layers of the atmosphere, activated oxygen is often confused with bad ozone that is responsible for smog when in fact it is a healthy type of air.

Activated oxygen cannot harm your masks and reservoirs which are usually made of silicone, acrylics or polycarbonates as they are compatible.


Here’s what others had to say:

My husband has been thrilled with the SoClean sanitizer since we purchased it. He sleeps better and feels the air quality has improved ten fold. Such a simple procedure to drop the mask into the machine, press the button and walk away. We are very, very happy.” – Rosemary (

Soclean2 changed the c-pap experience for the better. best investment I have made. my health has improved. it is simple to use and I am not worried about infections.” – Ronald D Wolfe (Product Website)

The Verdict

This is one of the best CPAP cleaning solutions out there and definitely worth the money. It not only destroys 99.9% of bacteria without even disassembling the machine but also saves plenty of time and effort that you otherwise have to spend dealing with it!

You could argue that you can hand-wash your CPAP equipment yourself, this is true but aside from the fact that it takes a lot of time to do it properly, the constant water and detergents can wear down your equipment while the use of activated oxygen help to preserve the equipment and make it last longer.

The biggest question that everyone wants an answer to is; is it worth the price tag, and in my opinion, the answer is a resounding yes and I would recommend every time!If you are low budget, try Soclean CPAP cleaner and sanitizer 30-day trial risk-free.